Curator Gong Yan
Artists Wen Ling、Marcel Dzama、Dai Jianyong (Coca)、Si Wei、Feng Li、Lolo &Sosaku
Organizer PSA
Sponsor TOTO
Art is snacks, life is dinner

From July 16 to October 16, 2016, Power Station of Art (PSA)and Art World magazine are co-presenting the exhibition “Snacks” . With the participation of 38 artists and artist groups and their unique art works, the exhibition showcases the unclassifiable ideas, experiments, and experiences of diverse life styles in different places all over the world. 

Snacks are the unnecessary comfort outside the main meals of the day. People will make mistakes for this momentary joy, and squander time in pursuit of a particular choice. 

 “Snacks” started as a publication launched in 2008 that was created, edited, and published by artists and designers. It eventually led to collaborations with over two hundred artists from all over the globe, some of which are presenting their works in this exhibition. 

“Snacks,” the exhibition, presents the content as well as the “packaging.” Surprisingly, the exhibition hall and the hallway share the same length, which gives the exhibition hall an additional function: passage. It is also here that this bridge without a landscape and the concrete building with few pedestrians face each other in quietude — this is an autonomous “city.” 

And autonomy is exactly the condition for the survival of the artists in “Snacks”: no interfering with each other or intentional communication. In this autonomous and improvisational environment, the artists perform their experimentations with great latitude, improvising on the spot. They utilize modeling, configuration and colors to create “noises.” Their performance is intuitive and anxious, and in disturbing and stimulating our sensory nerves, it evokes in us the yearning for, and memories of, the festival. 

The artists in “Snacks” gather through the form of an exhibition, but they have every intention to transform it into a happy revolt and a celebration that cannot be written in history. 

Exhibition Information

Curator: Gong Yan
Curation Team: Huang Mi, Lin Jia, Zhu Ye
Dates: July 16th – October 16th, 2016
Location: PSA Floor 1 & 2
Organizer: PSA
Collaborated with Art World
Sponsor: TOTO

About Curator

Gong Yan   Artist, Curator, Director of Power Station of Art, Chief-Editor of Art World magazine.

After graduated from Ecole national superieur des Beaux Arts in Paris, Gong Yan returned to China and established “O Art Center”in Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. O Art Center focuses on unstable media art and city research, provides a dynamic platform for young talented artists and curators. In 2002 and 2006,Gong Yan’s work had participated in Shanghai Biennial. In 2007,she was nominated artistic director of Shanghai E-Arts Festival, in 2008,she was invited as jury member of Ars Electronica Linz Austria. Gong Yan had curated exhibitions, such as “Utopies Realisable—Exhibition of Yona Friedman”(2007), “Body Media-International Interactive Art Exhibition ”(2007),“Power—Thonik Design Exhibition”(2008), “Ordinary Architecture—The Chinese Pavilion in the 11th International Architecture Venice Biennale”(2008),“Electric fields :Surrealism and beyond—La collection du Centre Pompidou” (2012-2013), “Andy Warhol :15 Minutes Eternal”(2013),Snacks(2016) and etc.

About Artists

Feng Li

Photographer. Currently working and living in Chengdu, Feng Li takes the reality of daily life as the main subject of his photography. Through the use of wide-angle lens and flash lighting, objects are physically twisted and deformed into unique works. For “Snacks” the work “White Nights” is presented.

Tang Yan/Boisbrain

Founder of the independent comic magazine “Special Comix.” In 2015, Tang started “Boisbrain Science Laboratory,” attempting to carry out creative experiments that are different from conventional paper-based drawings through the freshness, sensitivity, and open-mindedness of youth. For “Snacks” the work “Mobile Library” is presented.

Jin Ningning

Born in Shanghai in 1980 and currently working and living in Changsha, Jin founded the Perk Studio in 2004. For “Snacks” the work “selfie” is presented.

Si Wei

Member of Perk Studio, illustrator, and mother-to-be. For “Snacks” the work “The First 100 and the Second 100” is presented.

Wen Ling

Born in Beijing in 1976, Wen Ling is a graduate of the Printmaking Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and currently lives and works in Beijing. For “Snacks” the two series “FMB Profile“and “FMB” are presented.

Dagua ×Li Shanshan

Li Shanshan, avid cell-phone photographer. Dagua, book store employee. 

Both of them were born in Beijing where they currently work and live. They are co-founders of the magazine “Chi-De-ReallyWant” project. For “Snacks” “Chi-De-ReallyWant” is presented.

Xie Shaojie

Born in Xiamen, Fujian in 1981 and currently living in Xiamen, he became a freelance photographer in 2006. For “Snacks” the work “Kak-thâu” is presented.

Chen Zhe

Currently working and living in Beijing, Chen Zhe’s early creative practice was based on self-destruction as a form of spiritual baptism. Through images and words, she explores the internal uncharted, psychological dimensions in others as well as herself. For “Snacks” the work “A Restoration of the Live Scene of ‘Towards Evening: Six Chapters’” is presented.

Dai Jianyong (Coca)

Artist, photographer. Avidly taking photos all the time, day and night. For “Snacks” the work “Zhu Feng Juan” is presented.

Dong Pan

Freelance creator, designer, and photographer. He is passionate about collecting trivial details of everyday life. Through an augmentation of these details, he believes his creative works cultivate passions for life. In 2006, he launched “ life products.” For “Snacks” the work “One Person Magazine” is presented.

Xiang Yata

Born in Hunan in 1985 and currently working in Beijing, Xiang Yata is a freelancer with years of experience. His personal short animations and comic and drawing works have been presented in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. For “Snacks” the work “Huge Books” is presented.

Dick Ng

In 2010, Dick Ng started creating and publishing his original cartoon series on Weibo, which incorporated elements from everyday life and were presented as bizarre and anti-humor jokes. Most of them were short stories on lunacy and amusement with nonsensical wit. For “Snacks” selected works from his manga selection All Phenomena are presented.

Nathan Zhou 

Born in Guang Dong in 1980 and currently living and working in Shanghai, Nathan Zhou draws upon his experience to create a personal world fabricated with realistic and fantastic scenes through intuitive visual language. For “Snacks” the work “Play Water” is presented.

Wang Yiquan

Born in Beijing in 1987; a writer and artist currently based in Shanghai. For “Snacks” the work “Central Club” is presented.

Zhang Da

A fashion designer, Zhang Da’s daily job includes designing for and running his person brand; drawing and making small toy-like sculptures are his hobbies. For “Snacks” the work “The Girl with Two Heads” is presented.

Zhu Fa

Novelist, college professor, expert on Vietnamese ancient text, avid researcher in the study of Chinese fabrication, the Chinese study of eisegesis, and the Chinese study of the oblique reference. For “Snacks” the works “Endless Edition of Journey to the West” and “New Year's Gift:Jia Ma Wood Prints in Jia Wu Year” are presented.


In 2009, Yancong and friend his Zuo Ma created the magazine “Addicted to Narrative” which has had ten issues released so far. Yancong also started “Beggar Publishing” in 2013. For “Snacks” the magazine“Beggar Comics” is presented.

Yang Xuede

Native to Hong Kong, Yang Xuede began creating cartoons in 1998. For “Snacks” the work “Kaupo” is presented.

Zhang Hui

The works by Zhang Hui explore the richness of everyday scenarios and internal experience through subtle changes of form, color, composition, and style. For “Snacks” selected works from the series “The Powerful Sunshine” are presented.

Shen Wei

His works touch the viewer through the diversity and complexity inherent to intimacy. His concept sways between freedom and confinement, conferring greater space of reflection and meditation on the works. For “Snacks” the work “Table Setting” is presented.

Yu Ji

Currently working and living in Shanghai, Yu Ji mainly works with sculpture, installation, performance, and moving image. For “Snacks” the work “Public Space” is presented.

Ouyang Yingji/Au Yeung Ying Chai

Born in Hong Kong in 1961, Au Yeung Ying Chai is a writer, cartoonist, and curator of culinary culture who currently resides in Hong Kong. For “Snacks” the work “Sauté, the Beginning of a Directory” is presented.

Liao Guohe

Born in Kolkata in 1977, Liao currently lives and works in Changsha. For “Snacks” the works “Elephant Girl Riding Fruits”, “One of Ten Sad Lines”, and “Untitled” are presented. 

Hiroshi Watanabe (Japan)

Japanese photographer. He mainly works in black-and-white photography. His most important works capture certain forms of Japanese theatre culture including the Sarugaku, the Noh, the Bunraku, and the Kabuki. For “Snacks” the work “Noh Masks of Naito Clan” is presented.

Yuichi Yokoyama (Japan)

Artist and manga artist. He believes that manga has a greater capacity than painting in the “expression of time and place.” His unique artworks can be categorized as “neo-manga.” For “Snacks” the work “Iceland” receives its world premiere at Power Station of Art, and its sole gallery presentation in China.

Hankil Ryu (South Korea)

Musician. He has a keen interest in musical compositions based on sounds that are normally ignored by people, such as that of mechanical watches and type-writers. For “Snacks” the work “Weird Translation, ver.2” is presented.

Eduardo Kac (United States)

He has gained an international reputation for his online interactive installations and biogenetic art. He created the very first transgenic mammal artwork: the fluorescent rabbit Alba. For “Snacks” the work “Free Alba!” and “The Bunny Variations” are presented.

Brandon Ballengée (United States)

Visual artist, biologist, and environmental activist. With an educational background in biology and research experience in the lab, his interdisciplinary practice incorporates art and science. For “Snacks” the work “Malamp Reliquaries” is presented.

Marcel Dzama (Canada)

He works extensively in painting, sculpture, moving image, casting, etc. His works often exhibit influences from, and references to, art history, such as the Dada movement and Marcel Duchamp. For “Snacks” the video “A Game of Chess” along with several paper works is presented.

Tomoko Sawada (Japan)

Celebrated Japanese contemporary female photographer and performance artist. She is known for her unique “selfies.” For “Snacks” the work “School Days” is presented.

Olivier de Sagazan (France)

He works with a range of art forms including painting, sculpture, performance, etc. He is known for his transfiguration performances. For “Snacks” the work “Transfiguration” is presented.

Jan Bucquoy (Belgium)

Filmmaker, performance artist and anarchist. For “Snacks” the performance “Oil on Canvas” along with his film La Vie Sexuelle des Belges is presented.

Boonsri Tangtrongsin (Thailand)

She creates moving image and animation works of satire and black humor. Her works are reflective of a rich imagination. For “Snacks” the work “Superbarbara, Saving the World” is presented.

Lolo & Sosaku (Argentina/Japan)

Artist group Lolo & Sosaku have been conducting continuous experimentation and research on music and sound. Starting from 2014, they have been using motors in their installations, which enable their musical instrument sculptures to independently perform sound works. For “Snacks” the work “Motors 2” is presented.

Boris Hoppek (Germany)

A second-generation hippie who has barely received any formal education, and a street artist. He works with graffiti, photography, magazine production, etc. For “Snacks” the work “This is not a Copy of a Church” is presented.

Escif (Spain)

Street artist. Escif considers graffiti a form of intervention and performance, through which he hopes to change the way people think and perceive. For “Snacks” the work “Fire Plan” is presented.

Christophe Demaître (Belgium)

His works operate from the double perspective of “painter-photographer.” For “Snacks” the work “A Play of Exploration” is presented.

Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan (U.K.)

They take inspiration from the environments of daily life and simulate it to bring laughter to people. For “Snacks” the work “Oh la la! Celebrating Excess” is presented.