The power station of Design (psD), PSA’s creative extension, will present Kazuhiro Yamanaka: Visible X Invisible from March 3rd to May 2nd, 2017.This will be the Japanese product/interior designer’s first solo exhibition on the Chinese mainland, whose cross-disciplinary creative practices of unique style challenges the boundaries between product design, lighting design and pure art. The exhibition will feature 14 most representative works from Yamakana’s design career, including One Thousand Nights (2006), a dynamic lighting installation, and Collapsible Moon (2016), a new work specially commissioned for his China solo. Little inc. is also involved in design of the exhibition space, while Y2 Lighting Design is responsible for its lighting effects.

Kazuhiro Yamanaka is highly skilled at developing poetry of minimalism with common materials, such as paper or plastic seen in his works like Handkerchief Light (1999), It’s Only a Paper Moon (2012), and Paper Torch (2013), to create flexible yet simple geometrical shapes. Such an aesthetic expression that adores the limits of creative design further reveals a kind of simple but tasteful poetry in the complicated daily life, just as Yamanaka once said, “Designers should contemplate how to create a maximum impact with minimum use of material.”

Yamanaka’s design inspirations usually come from the relation between objects: “I admire the space around objects, not the objects itself. Designing the object is meaningless to me; object is just a tool to design the space around”. How to express the space between objects has become the designer’s most important task. In his designs of piece furniture such as Sleepy Lagoon (2009), How Slow the Wind – Chair (2001), and In Autumn Sunshine (2009), Yamanaka utilized spatial elements like planes and lines, as well as creative methods including cutting, squeezing and slitting. With these, he emphasizes three-dimensional profoundness and creates a kind of illusion for viewers, offering those invisible space relations a strong visual presence.

Yamanaka’s contemplation about the relation between objects can also be identified in his designs of lightings and lit furniture. Having an important impact on our daily sensual feelings, light, with its strong dominating power, enforces a natural-born awe on mankind, but still, it has no physical shapes in space. By creating light rays and intervening with medium, Yamanaka gives light an essential existence in space, connects different objects, and builds shared space relation with tension between those objects.

In Yamanaka’s design concept, most valuable things are always invisible and visible things are less valuable. Through his designs, the invisible relations between objects become visible, and viewers can also exercise their imaginations over the invisible.

Exhibition Information 
Duration: March 4th – May 2nd, 2017
Venue: 1F , psD,Power Station of Art
Add: No.2 Huayuangang Road, Shanghai 
Admission: Free


About Designer
Kazuhiro Yamanaka

Born in Tokyo in 1971, Kazuhiro Yamanaka graduated in Interior Design at Musashino Art University, Tokyo (1992-95 BA (Des.)) followed by Royal College of Art in London for Postgraduate studies (1995-97 MA (Des.) RCA). He set up Kazuhiro Yamanaka Office in London after his graduation.

He participates in different aspects of design: from piece furniture design to lighting design, installation and interior design. Current client list includes Pallucco(Italy), Boffi(Italy), Ingo Maurer(Germany), Saazs(France), Alessi(Italy) and museums worldwide. He was awarded Design Report Award 2004 (Milan) as the best young talented designer at the Milano Salone. His creation belongs to a collection of MoMA (New York). He has also realized lighting installations at Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Collette(Paris), designboom, Laforet Museum (Tokyo), Hangaram Design Museum (Seoul) etc.

Kazuhiro Yamanaka has been featured worldwide in the following publications: Abitare, Casa Abitare, Design Diffusion News, Esquire, Domus, Elle Decor, Interni, Intramuros, md, Metropolitan Home, The New York Times, Ottagono, Vogue, Wallpaper. He has also judged at many international design competitions such as HKDA Design Awards 2009 and designboom International Design Competitions. He was appointed as an associate professor at Musashino Art University in Tokyo since 2014.


About psD

Created in March 2016, psD, also known as the power station of Design, is a creative extension of the Power Station of Art (PSA) in Shanghai. Conceived as a workshop, the new space concatenates education, exhibition, products and leisure into an organic production chain – a space of experience, a space that is a synthesis of self-learning and autonomy.

psD observes art from the angle of design, of consumerism, examines the familiarities of life, and explores the cultural and societal factors behind design. In this systematic act of meditation, it seeks to provoke thoughts on future lifestyles.

Designed by Yung Ho Chang, psD owes its concept to traditional Chinese storefronts, with five metal boxes connecting inside and outside to allow for positive interaction between spaces.


Exhitbition Works 
《手帕灯 Handkerchief Light》,山中一宏,1999年,图片来源于艺术家本人:山中将一个标准的LED灯灯泡安置于一张聚丙烯材质的狭缝中,让光穿透轻薄的材质,并于边缘营造简洁的线条

Handkerchief Light, by KAZUHIRO YAMANAKA,1999.

《一抹月光 What a little moonlight can do》,图片来源于艺术家本人

《一千夜One thousand nights》,图片来源于艺术家本人

Paper Torch,by KAZUHIRO YAMANAKA,2013.

How slow the wind -bench,by KAZUHIRO YAMANAKA,2002.

Installation Views

便携月亮Collapsible moon

只是一弯纸月亮It's only a paper moon 1

风中之烛Candle in the wind

展览现场 Installation Views

倦湖Sleepy Lagoon

如沐和风系列之椅 How slow the wind-chair

一千夜One thousand nights

雨天Here's that Rainy day

一抹月光What a little monnlight can do

展览现场 Installation Views